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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom is no longer just a cubicle used to take a shower. Bathroom now a days has become the axis of home style. People want the same comfort in their bathroom, as much as they seek comfort in any other place of the house. The trend of Bathroom remodeling is catching up fast. A bathroom is considered by many as a personal escapade to be furnished with all the ultra modern luxuries which provide a relaxed retreat from the hectic lifestyle. The various add-ons include latest bathroom flooring, body sprays, smart toilets, dual shower-heads, bidets and whirlpool tubs etc. A stylish bathroom definitely adds to the style statement of the home. The latest accessories and furnishings used for bathroom remodeling can make it look simple, smart, elegant, sleek, bold or beautiful according to individual needs. Bathroom remodeling does not merely involve demolishing and constructing a new one-adding or rearranging bathroom accessories is also a part of bathroom remodeling.


Bathroom redesigning may involve completely renovating the bathroom. The layout of the bathroom for redesigning can be best created by a professional architect after taking in consideration the bathroom remodeling requirements and the dimensions of the bathroom.


Every comfortable luxury to enjoy a bath for example, television centers, stereos etc. is now a days becoming a part and parcel of every bathroom. There should be enough space in the bathroom to accommodate all the utilities comfortably. A bathroom can be made to look spacious, functional and comfortable either by including some extra space from a room or a balcony. Dimensions of the bathroom must be taken into consideration while including all the desired features in a bathroom. Bathroom cabinetry, furniture and bathtub are fast emerging as a necessity for the people.

USING BATHROOM ACCESSORIES : Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

• To give your bathroom a new look, you can change your bathroom tub and sinks, placing dual shower-heads, television centers, stereos, bathroom cabinetry for all the storage etc.
• You can transform the look of your old bathroom by changing accessories, rearranging them or by upgrading appliances.
• Antique bowls with beads and colorful pearl necklace to put you soaps, bath salts and toiletries add to the ambiance of the bathroom and create a soothing environment.
• Low voltage strips lighting can be added to accentuate lightening effect and to brighten the room. Colored stains should be used for cabinets and vanity.
• Frame-less mirror is the latest choice for the bathroom decoration. A shelf added to a wall so that framed paintings can be placed on it certainly beautifies the bathroom.
• A mirrored bathroom cabinetry and a ceiling designed with wooden beams create the perfect bathroom look.
• Towel racks and mesh laundry bags can be used to pamper the children who like to play with toys while bathing.
• Flowering plants kept in pots put in the vanity counter-top give the perfect, refreshing new look to your bathroom.


• The paint color of the bathroom should be soothing to the eyes.
• Using a beach or a seashore theme by painting fishes or stars on the walls, an enticing atmosphere can be created for the children
• Oceanic blue color can be painted on the wall or the perimeter of the wall. It will give a soothing and relaxing effect while taking a bath. Traditional colors like peach or yellow, although versatile, are getting extinct nowadays.
• You can also paint the one wall with a bright color if you do not want to paint the whole bathroom with bright colors.
• If you have small bathroom in size then always use light colors with simple stripes so that room looks spacious with bright light.
• Placing mirrors exactly opposite to each other on opposing walls also provides a spacious look.
• Always remember to coordinate wall color with your towel color, curtains and other accessories.


As the real estate prices are booming, the necessity of using the bathroom for more than just bathing is being increasingly felt. The bathroom can be used to provide storage space by using furnishings like wine bottle racks, laundry bags, storage cabinets, bathroom shelves, cubbyhole shelves and hanging baskets etc in an innovative way, so as to blend with the theme and complement the luxury of the bathroom. Many innovative ideas can be used for a small bathroom remodeling. Using a small bathtub, compact wall hung toilets, smart toilets and wall mounted and pedestal sinks, one can save a lot of space, and the bathroom does not looked cramped. Proper illumination of the bathroom can make a small bathroom look spacious.


Theme based remodeling for the bathroom is the latest trend to join the bathroom remodeling band wagon. Theme based bathrooms for kids are becoming popular very fast, and include entertainment and educational themes like toys, baby soaps and shampoos, baby showpieces, cartoon paintings etc. making the bathroom fun and joyful

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